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4-Day Program in London

4-day plan so that you can leave with good memories of London

A 4-day program in London will allow you to experience some of the city's most iconic attractions and cultural highlights. Here's a suggested itinerary for your visit:

Day 1: Art and Culture
  • Brick lane

  • Garden 120

  • Tate Modern

  • Tower Bridge

Day 2: Neighborhood Exploration
  • Camden Town

  • Primrose Hill

  • Regent's Park

  • Oxford Street

  • Covent Garden

  • Theater

Day 3: Historic London
  • Portobello Market

  • Notting Hill visit charming streets lined with colorful houses

  • Hyde Park

  • Kesington Palace

  • Natural History Museum

Day 4: Explore Central London
  • Buckingham Palace

  • Big Ben

  • Piccadilly Circus

  • Chinatown

  • Soho (pubcrawl)

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